In this class we offer a warm and meaningful language submersion for the children that moved to the Netherlands. The objective is to learn Dutch as soon as possible, enabling them to participate in society quickly. If children are proficient in the Dutch language, they can make friends, they can participate in the curriculum, they can further develop.

Working method

Children 6 to 12 years of age that speak little or no Dutch are eligible to participate in the Language Class. Here a specialized teacher works with material specially developed for children who still have to learn Dutch. We invest in vocabulary, speaking, reading and writing. Because of the small setting in this class, there is ample time and space for intensive and interactive guidance for the children. Modern IT resources provide extra opportunities.

Insight and understanding of the language that you learn is an important success factor. That is why we work in a highly integrated way and with context. Words become more meaningful and it makes it easier to apply them. Therefore the Language Class is as much as possible aligned with current projects within De Groene Vlinder. Occasionally we will go outside school to look for an educational language environment so that the children can enrich their vocabulary within the context.

Language Class and Regular Class

The children from the Language Class are also part of a regular class. Here they meet their native Dutch friends. After the starting period at De Groene Vlinder (2 to 4 weeks), the children from the Language Class are embedded in the regular class every day for a certain period. To undertake joint activities.

An important advantage of our way of working is that it allows children to immediately make friends in the class where they eventually will enroll. Another big advantage is that the children can put into practice everything they learn in the Language Class by working together with native Dutch-speaking classmates. This benefits the integrated and context-rich approach.

Coordination with Parents

We provide intensive follow-up to children hat are new to De Groene Vlinder and are eligible for the Language Class. After a few weeks, we coordinate an Action Plan together with the parents. In this Action Plan we discuss the development and the level observed with the student, the placement in the regular group and the frequency of the student attending the regular group in addition to the language class.

After this initial coordination, there is regular consultation between teacher and parents to discuss the child’s progress. The ultimate goal is for the student to fully enroll in a regular class with a Dutch offer, while support from the Language Class remains possible.

Young children

The Language Class is designed for children 6 to 12 years old. At De Groene Vlinder we place children aged 4 or 5 in a regular nursery class. The reason is that we experienced that children at this age learn Dutch very easily and quick by playing as much as possible with Dutch-speaking children. There is, however, extra guidance for these children by the Language Class. They receive support, but in their own class environment. This is in line with our vision based on an integrated and context-rich approach.

Parental Involvement

At De Groene Vlinder we consider parental involvement as a condition for achieving good Dutch language skills in the Language Class. As important as the connection between the offer in the language class and the regular class, is the connection between school and home. It will highly motivate the children if parents show at home how important it is to learn the language. It helps if children can also learn Dutch at home. De Groene Vlinder is happy to provide support to parents in this.

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