Vision on education

The development of every child is the core objective of De Groene Vlinder. Well-being and involvement are the two most important conditions for development.

At De Groene Vlinder we invest in optimal well-being by creating a pleasant atmosphere and a stimulating environment in the classroom and at school. We also by provide an interesting and challenging range of educational offers. Appropriate well-being can be recognized by feeling good about oneself, enjoying things, having fun, being relaxed, showing inner peace, being energetic, resilient and assertive.

We achieve a high level of involvement at De Groene Vlinder through a curriculum that is slightly more difficult than what the children already know or can do. This is called the "zone of immediate development". In addition, it is important that the educational offer is presented in an attractive way, within the “world” of children and in a recognizable context. A high level of involvement of a child can be recognized by tangible focus and activity level, forgetting about time. It leads to high energy, creativity, accuracy, concentration and perseverance.


The core values well-being and involvement are part of the curriculum, whereby we always focus on the balance between social-emotional development, cognitive development and skill development. We are convinced that the connection between these 3 pillars provides the best chances for a successful development.

By social-emotional development we understand the way in which a child develops his or her own personality. In doing so, we observe the behavior towards oneself and others: how is the child dealing with him/herself, with the other children in the classroom and at school, with the teacher or with their parents? Regulating emotions, a good self-image and social skills are hence important elements. The teachers of De Groene Vlinder dedicate structural and consistent attention to this.

By cognitive development we understand primarily remembering, learning and solving problems. At primary school, a child’s memory develops at a rapid pace, enabling children to remember things. This way an important foundation is laid in the areas of language and mathematics in particular. However, they also learn to reflect about this knowledge, allowing them to interpret and to solve problems. This is a deepening of knowledge, rather than a reproduction of knowledge.

By development of skills, we focus in particular on those skills that are increasingly required in our rapidly changing society. Knowledge alone is no longer sufficient since it is becoming more readily available. The way in which you seek, assess, process, share and present the knowledge is equally important. To achieve this, personal skills are required, such as curiosity, creativity, collaboration, communication, critical thinking and problem solving. Digital skills are also equally important.